Fiberglass Laminates

Sectors of use

  • Transport: Vans, Tanks, Motorhome and Caravan
  • Production storage and seasoning food: Fixed cells, containers and silos


  • Laminate with gelcoat top side including white gelcoat (glossy or matte), underside smooth or sanded in rolls of 30-45-90 meters long.
  • Pigmented laminate (without gelcoat) smooth or sanded in rolls of 30-45-90 meters long.
  • Heights between 2000 mm. and 3200 mm. (Sanded max. 3000)
  • For height less than 2000 mm. coupled to max. 3300 mm.

Forniture Optionals

  • Sanding
  • Protective Film
  • Cutting slabs to size
  • Packaging: loose rolls, plates on pallets
  • Dimensional tolerances +/- 5mm.


GR. 375 MAT mm. 1,0 ca.
GR. 450 MAT mm. 1,1 ca.
GR.600 MAT mm. 1.5 ca.
GR. 750 MAT mm. 1,8 ca.
GR. 900 MAT mm. 2.0 ca.
GR. 1125 MAT mm. 2,3 ca.
GR. 375 + 480 MAT + STUOIA mm. 1,7 ca.
GR. 375 + 480 + 375 MAT + STUOIA + MAT mm. 2,3 ca.

On request we can produce other types of laminates.

Isothermal Fiberglass Panels

Sectors of use

The isothermal panels are used for the construction of vans, Motorhome, Caravan and Cold rooms for low temperature environments in general, Accumulation tanks and water treatment, etc.

ITALPLAST provides the individual panels (bottom - roof - walls - head - doors) or in kit or assembled, as well as a series of OPTIONS listed below.

Rounded heads for Motorhome and special means.

Our production desks for panels exceed 4 meters in height and 30 meters in length.

Forniture Optionals

  • panel cleaning
  • aluminum or steel inserts
  • side door (sliding eventually)
  • hole door
  • recess for rear steel portal
  • double frame fridge
  • roof carrier (bulkhead)
  • burglary at top and bottom
  • roof carrier (also with embedded vidovie)
  • load-bearing walls
  • notches for horizontal load stops
  • notches for vertical load stops
  • wood reinforcement for pallets
  • laminate interior sanded to slip or for bonding aluminum
  • bulkhead (with door)
  • predispositions for lights (inside-shape)

On request we can produce other types of panels.

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