Experience and Professionalism since 1988

ITALPLAST s.r.l. is an italian company that produces semifinished fiberglass products: laminated and insulated panels for vans of all sizes, cold rooms and isothermal for low temperature systems. The headquarters is located in via Nuova di Bertinoro 614, halfway between Forlì and Cesena, just off the Via Emilia, from which it is easily accessible.

The company was founded in 1988 by partners from industry and, thanks to the experience and established competence and professionalism, immediately acquires market share in the production of fiberglass laminates.

In 1990, thanks to the contribution of new shareholders, the company moved and expanded. At this time it was widened the range of production of laminates, for supplementing sizes, weights and types of reinforcement.

On this occasion new partners from the industry begin to produce fiberglass panels insulated by implementing quality and productivity.

In 1996 the company was again moved to larger rooms and property in what will be the nucleus of the actual plant in Via Nuova.

To expand the productive potential of the laminates, it is made three castles of six vertical flat composite each, and to expand and diversify the production of the panels are already beginning to think of a future hot production.

In 2001 it is then acquired the plant of Via Fani where it is soon flanked to the production of vacuum panels a hot press with relative carousel supply.

The attention and care in the selection of materials processing, optimization of technical parameters by continuous laboratory tests in addition to the advanced technology of production lines allows, in march 2002, the company to achieve the prestigious quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000

In 2005 the plant in Via Nuova is further expanded, providing it with new molds and a new line of cutting and polishing. In the new extension, also in order to reduce emissions both in the workplace and in the atmosphere, it were assembled new benches for the realization in layers of fiberglass laminates between two films polyesters.

In 2009, to follow the new requests and anticipate the market, it was manufactured molds for the production of rolls of fiberglass 90mt long.

In 2012 it is bought a pantograph to improve the working environment, the production and the quality of the panel.

In 2014 it was bought another factory in Via Fani to expand production of the panels, with stalls of over 4 mt. in height and 30 mt. in length.


Experience and Professionalism since 1988

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